Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Price 100 euro / day

5 Seats
Cmimi Ditor
100 euro
5 dyer

Price Details

Season : KorrikGusht
# Season Days Price
1 KorrikGusht 3 - 7 100 euro / day
2 KorrikGusht 8 - 14 90 euro / day
3 KorrikGusht 15 - 30 80 euro / day
4 KorrikGusht 31 - 60 75 euro / day
5 KorrikGusht 61 - 180 70 euro / day

Extra Services

# CAREXTRA Price Calc
1 Full Kasko 25 euro Day
2 Komision per kalim kufiri 10 euro Day
3 Sedilje per femije 2 euro Day
4 CDW 12 euro Day
5 SCDW 18 euro Day
6 Zinxhira 3 euro Day
7 Navigator 3 euro Day




1. The minimum rental time is 3 days.

2. The lessee will pay the entire amount written in the contract regardless of the fact that for various reasons he does not use the car.

3. The renter receives the car in good condition and is obliged to return it to the condition in which he received it with all its equipment.

4. The lessee must call immediately in case of an accident or breakdown of the car and in cases of fault, pay the costs of returning the car.

5. TPL is free and covers the expenses for the damaged vehicle hited by the lessee.

5.1 CDW is paid extra and includes TPL + expenses for the body of the vehicle.

5.2 SCDW is extra chargeable and includes CDW + damage to glass parts, lamps and


  6. It is not allowed to use the car for any purpose other than the one written in the traffic permit.

7. It is not allowed to drive the car by other persons who are not written in the contract.

8. For any type of violation of the traffic law, you pay any type of fine and bear responsibility for any legal obligation.

9. This contract allows the circulation of the car only within the territory of Albania.

        (for outside Albania, authorization from the company is required and a commission is paid)

10. The use of non-4x4 vehicles on off-road roads is prohibited.

11. The permitted age of the vehicle user is 21-65 years. For other ages there is an extra payment.

12. The lessee will pay for the delivered fuel less than what was received, according to the current value of the fuel in the market.

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Range Rover Evoque 2.2 Diesel Automatic 5 seats Panoramic